ISAT Formula Team

Supporting the Engineers of Tomorrow

RS is always keen to encourage and support students who are involved with engineering projects. As a result, we have worked with six University teams, who are participating in the Formula Student Programme, organised by The Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

"ISAT Formula Team"

For 20 years, The Institute of Automotive and Transport Engineering (ISAT) in Nevers (France) has trained versatile mechanical engineers through two departments: Mechanics of structures and Energetics. Moreover the proximity of the Performance Pole of the Nevers Magny-Cours circuit, allows us to develop many links with race car business.

That passion for performance leads us to only one goal for 10 years : to show that our school and its students can compete with the best universities in the world, and moreover keep its leading position within French Formula Student teams.

Thanks to its evolution and the experience accumulated from year to year, our single-seater competes at the highest level.

These improvements are the result of the amazing work possible with a tightly knit team, sharing the same goal: conceive and manufacture a reliable, efficient and successful car. The results obtained last summer are encouraging:

  • In Silverstone, the team was classified 38th among the 97 entrants.
  • In Czech Republic the ISAT achieved very good scores in the dynamic events: 3rd in acceleration and 6th in the autocross.

These scores demonstrate the performance of the car and confirm the work to continue with on reliability and in the static events.

Theses progresses are possible thanks to RS support. They offer their wide range of products in order to help our team to attain its objectives in terms of performance, cost and reliability.


2014 Updates


  • Engine developments thanks to the Bench at the ISAT
  • Optimization of camshafts and exhaust flows


  • Change our 13 inches wheels for 10 inches wheels, with the objective of reducing rotary masses.


  • Optimisation of our lightweight frame
  • Adaptation to the 10inches wheel.


  • New gear ratio
  • Study for a a soleinoid gear shifter


  • New wiring harness
  • Better management of data acquisition in communication with the other departments


RS Components provides us all the products for the harness, for our engine bench instrumentations and miscellaneous tools.

We are proud to be supported by RS, their high quality goods will help Isat Formula Team to finish the Endurance event and reach our best level during the competitions.

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