Boîtier portable Rose en Polyamide avec Fenêtre d'affichage, Noir, Gris, Dimensions externes 220 x 85 x 51mm,

  • Code commande RS 343-8098
  • Référence fabricant 27020400.RS
  • Marque Rose
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Déclaration de conformité RoHS
Pays d'origine : DE
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Beluga Model 220 O Hand Held Enclosure and Enclosure Keypad.

The Rose Beluga series of handheld enclosures suitable for use with automation and control systems including MCR and automation engineering. The enclosure has a large internal area allowing you to easily install display fixing systems benefiting displays of various sizes. The Beluga series of enclosures are made from a hard wearing, double skinned, IP65 Polyamide and you can choose from models with or without display opening. This is a truly versatile, mobile hand held enclosure as it can also be used as an upright table / desktop enclosure, wall mounted enclosure plus carried around on a neck strap.

Features and Benefits.

• Beluga series hand held enclosure, Beluga 220 O. • Flexible space.
• Ready for keypads and silicone mats.
• With or without display opening.
• Double skinned Polyamide.
• Top and bottom sections.
• Colour is back grey (RAL 7021).
• IP 65 (EN 60529).
• Flammability UL 94 V-2.
• Surface resistance IEC 60093.
• Temperature range -40°C to +60°C.
• Versatile (desk mounted, wall mounted, used with a neck strap).
• Hard wearing.
• Indoors and outdoors.

Hand Held Enclosure Models Available.

• Stock number 3438082, Beluga 180. • Stock number 3438098, Beluga 220.
• Stock number 3438105, Beluga 380.

Enclosure Keypads Available.

• Stock number 4349961, Part number 81.10 00 04, (this keypad is FT 180e, has 15 keys with a paper strap, matrix), suitable for use with Beluga 180 enclosure, stock number 3438082. • Stock number 4349983, Part number 82.10 00 06, (this keypad is FT 220 e, has 18 keys with a paper strap, Matrix), suitable for use with Beluga 220 enclosure, stock number 3438098.

Enclosure Typical Applications.

• Machine operation and control. • Setting up work and condition diagnosis.
• Crane control systems.
• Measuring systems (harsh environments including outdoors).
• Display enclosures.
• Measuring instruments.

(IP) Ingress Protection and what it means.

The first number is the protection from solids. The second number is the protection from liquids.

IP rating classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in electrical enclosures.


Can the enclosure be used outside?

IP 65 protection from total dust ingress and waterproof (projected from any direction by 6.3 mm nozzle).

What is Supplied?

• Top. • Base.
• Fixing domes.
• Fastening and enclosure screws.

What can I install within the enclosure?

• Membrane keypads. • Displays.
• Emergency OFF switches.
• Key switches.
• Hand wheels and step switches.
• Enabling switches.
• Cable entries.
• Also suitable for many other installations.


IP65 EN 60529, UL 94 V-2, IEC 60093.

Caractéristiques techniques
Attribut Valeur
Matériau du corps Polyamide
Longueur externe 220 mm
Largeur externe 85 mm
Hauteur externe 51 mm
Indice IP IP65
Fenêtre d'affichage Oui
Couleur Gris, Noir
Dimensions externes 220 x 85 x 51mm
Boutons-poussoirs Non
Fonctions spéciales Avec/sans ouverture d'affichage, Conçue pour les claviers/les tapis de commutation en silicone, Double paroi, Dômes de fixation, Ingénierie MCR et en automatisation, Partie supérieure et base, Version CEM en option avec revêtement interne et joint CEM, Vis de fixation et de boîtiers
Série Beluga
Conformité UL 94 V-2
Clavier encastrable Oui
17 pour livraison dès le lendemain (stock France)
41 Sous 2 jour(s) (stock Europe)
Prix pour la pièce
Prix par unité
1 - 9
23,99 €
10 - 14
22,77 €
15 +
22,02 €