Bornier de raccordement RS PRO, 3 pôles , 17.7mm, A visser, 40A

  • Code commande RS 465-637
  • Marque RS PRO
Documentation technique
Législation et Conformité
Déclaration de conformité RoHS
Pays d'origine : IT
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Bornier d'alimentation secteur

RS PRO 3 way non-fused terminal block with screw down mounting type. This pluggable terminal block lets you to carry out mounting and start up quickly.
RS PRO have a great range of terminal blocks which feature various voltage ratings from 25 V to 750 V. The mounting types include cable mount, panel mount, screw down and through hole. Some of these terminal blocks are direct-mount meaning they do not require a DIN Rail to mount. The range also includes fused terminal blocks which collect, organise and distribute signals with more protection then non-fused terminal blocks.

Features and Benefits:

Conception conforme à la norme CEI685. Raccordements dotés des indications sous tension, neutre et de terre.
Le conducteur est raccordé par un serrage à vis.
Connexion à œillet 6,35 mm.

Typical Applications:

Modular terminal connectors have a wide range of applications and are a common component in electrical installations of all kinds, both domestic and industrial. The simplicity of their screw-down termination means they are particularly well suited to semi-permanent installations.

Whether for device connection to printed circuit boards or for wire-to-wire extensions, terminal blocks provide a straight forward and dependable connection solution. These non-fused terminal blocks are often used in;
• Connecting lighting to switches
• Connecting wiring to a ground
• HVAC Systems
• Power Supplies


RS PRO strives to give you reliable parts at competitive prices. With in-house experts testing all of our RS PRO branded products, we're confident we'll satisfy your demand for quality and dependability. RS PRO has an extensive range of electrical connector components. Whether you're operating in an industrial environment or domestic maintenance, RS PRO is with you every step of the way.


Homologation UL, certification CSA et IMQ


Homolgué UL ; certification CSA ; NEMKO ; DEMKO ; SEMKO ; SEV ; IMQ ; KEMA

Caractéristiques techniques
Attribut Valeur
Nombre de voies 3
Avec fusible Non
Type de montage Montage type Screw Down
Pas 17.7mm
Courant 40A
Type de raccordement A visser
Taille de fil 22 → 8 AWG
Tension 450 V
Matériau Nylon
Température de fonctionnement minimale -5°C
Température de fonctionnement maximale +150°C
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