Câble multiconducteur Blindé, 6 conducteurs , section 0,06 mm², 30 AWG, bobine de 25m

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  • Marque RS PRO
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RS Pro Screened Multicore Cable - Core Strands 7/0.1 mm

Brought to you by RS Pro, a range of copper braid multicore cables suitable for various applications. A cable which is multicore is a huge benefit in situations where cable connections need to have an organised and better looking layout. If an area doesn't have much space, or is fully visible to customers/public, multicore cable will reduce tripping hazards and improve the overall appearance of electrical equipment. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

Features and Benefits

• 7/0.1 mm core strands
• Various lengths
• Bend radius will be 8 x outer diameter
• All cables are screened for protection of the cores
• Black PVC sheath
• Tinned copper braid

What kind of protection do these cables have?

If safety and reliability is of paramount importance to your application, these screened cables can ensure complete confidence with that situation. Each cable is fully insulated within a black PVC sheath, fully protecting it from the elements. Within the PVC cover itself, the multicores are protected by a tinned copper braid, ensuring that any damage to the cable from everyday activities will be non existent.

Who uses multi-core cable?

Due to the excellent conductor which copper makes, multicore cable has a huge variety of uses. The entertainment industry are common users of multicore cable for audio purposes. Commonly named within that application as a 'snake cable', mixers and various other audio equipment can essentially have one cable linked up to the device. As opposed to having varying wires running across the floor.

What is multi core cable used for?

It's impossible to list the entirety of usefulness this type of cable can provide, but as an example, some of the types of applications would be:

• Entertainment and audio industry
• Machines and factory control equipment
• Large control pads
• DIN-Rail terminals
• Conveyor belts

What is multicore industrial cable?

Multicore cable is a type of electrical cable which includes more cores than a standard power or coaxial cable. They can be supplied in various lengths and the number of cores can vary significantly. Commonly used within industrial or entertainment applications, they can keep otherwise messy and disorganised cable connections tidy. The name is self descriptive, in the sense that they would be able to house cores from various types of electrical cable into one sheath, such as coaxial and power. Due to the layout and coloured cores from these RS Pro PVC cables, installation is easy and efficient.

How flexible is this multicore cable?

The bend radius is measured by the outer diameter of the cable, multiplied by 8.


Please be aware, although these cables are electrical, they are not to be regarded as power cables, or cables for the direct connection of equipment to mains power supplies.


Norme défense 61-12, parties 4 et 5 ; NBN EN ISO 9001 ; OP-QAO-003 ; OP-QIO-504 ; KI-QIO-616

Caractéristiques techniques
Attribut Valeur
Nombre de conducteurs 6
Section 0,06 mm²
Avec écran / Sans écran Blindé
Longueur 25m
Couleur de gaine Noir
Diamètre extérieur 3.6mm
Courant 250 mA
Type de blindage Tresse de cuivre étamé
Température maximum d'utilisation +80°C
Constitution de l'âme 7/0,1 mm
Matériau de la gaine Chlorure de polyvinyle PVC
Tension 300 V
Réaction au feu Retardant à la flamme
Fil de drain Non
Matériau de l'isolant PVC
Résistance du conducteur 345 Ω/km
Matériau du conducteur Cuivre
Température minimum d'utilisation -20°C
11 pour livraison dès le lendemain (stock France)
59 Sous 1 jour(s) (stock Europe)
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36,40 €
1,456 €
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