Protection de commutateur à bascule, APEM, U851

  • Code commande RS 190-0709
  • Référence fabricant U851
  • Marque APEM
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APEM Toggle Switch Sealing Boots

One of the main reasons switches fail is because they have not been sealed correctly when initially installed. Using sealing boots or hoods provides extra protection and can prolong the life of the components they are used with. Sealing boots prevent the ingress of dust, sand, and moisture from penetrating the switch and causing potential damage or failure.

APEM’s range of sealing boots/hoods are simple and for easy to use. Robustly designed the one-piece construction is made from a moulded toggle cover bonded to a built-in mounting nut. Easy to fit, APEM’s toggle switch boots are used in place of the original mounting nut. This encloses the base of the switch bushing forming a tight seal against the front of the panel face.

The APEM full-toggle (standard) range of sealing boots are made from a choice of tough materials. Either high-temperature Silicone or mechanically resistant Neoprene. Both types of sealing hoods have nickel-plated brass fixing hex nuts with a plain or knurled edge.

Features and Benefits

• Moulded one-piece construction
• Neoprene or Silicone boot material
• Nickel-plated brass or back hex nut
• Plain or knurled hex nut
• Operating temperature range
- Neoprene Boots: -20˚C to + 50 ˚C
- Silicone Boots: -40 ˚C to + 85˚C
• 12 x 0.75, 6.35 x 0.75 and 6 x 0.75 bushings
• Provides a waterproof seal


Toggle switch sealing hoods or boots are used in a wide range of industrial applications where extra protection is needed. The sealing boots are used to prevent the ingress of any dust, sand or water getting into the switches moving parts. Some of the most common areas are:

• Electrical panels
• Off-road vehicles
• Industrial site equipment
• Marine and boating panels
• Manufacturing assembly lines

Sealing Boot Types

Part Number U851 = 190-0709 is a black neoprene toggle switch boot with a 12 x 0.75 bushing
Part Number U1341 = 321-212 is a black silicone toggle switch boot with an M6 x 0.75 bushing
Part Number U1331 = 321-228 is a black silicone toggle switch boot with a 1/4 -40 UNS bushing



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