Kit de cordon de test automobile RS PRO 1.2 (Silicone Test Lead) m, 155 (Extra Sharp Long Reach Probe) mm, 25 (Thin

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Kit de test automobile de RS Pro

From RS PRO, comes a high quality and great value deluxe automotive test lead kit. All the tools included in the kit are ideal for engineers and perfectly packaged in a hard plastic case. To ensure no neighboring cables are damaged, the case has foam insulation. Manufactured to industry standard, all the parts included in this kit are an ideal solution for electrical measurement.
The test leads featured in this package are used to test voltage, capacitance, current, as well as conducting other types of tests.

Caractéristiques et avantages :

  • Température d'utilisation maximum : +70°C

  • A crocodile clip connector allows you to test circuits without crossing wires or causing shorts.

  • • Intensité nominale : 10 A

  • < 30 V r.m.s.

Qu'est-ce qui est inclus ?

The deluxe automotive test lead kit comprises of: -

  • Red and Black Double Insulated Silicone Test Leads - Silicone insulation is ideal for automotive testing as it has high resistance to heat and would suffer no damage should it come into contact with a hot manifold or exhaust system.

  • Red and Black Long Reach Probes - Designed for those long reach testing scenarios where access is limited, incorporating a very sharp spike to the front, capable of piercing cables.

  • Red and Black Fully Insulated Crocodile Clip - Ideal for connecting to battery terminals.

  • Red and Black Ultra-Thin Back Probes with Cable Piercer Adaptor - The probes are made with spring steel and are flexible reducing the risk of them breaking, the cable piercing facility allows the probes to be used on small cables where traditional cable piercers may cause excessive damage.

  • Red and Black Extended Back Probes - Manufactured with spring steel for those more heavy duty/industrial type connectors.

  • Red and Black Heavy Duty Back Probes - These very sharp probes are ideal for scratching through rust, paint or resist to ensure a positive connection.


The tools included in this kit are designed to operate with a digital multimeter and provide you with accurate readings. Un multimètre numérique est un appareil qui fournit des mesures de paramètres de circuits tels que la tension (en volts), l'intensité (en ampères) ou la résistance (en ohms).

Before you begin testing

For your own safety, there are things to consider before operating with the parts included with the kit such as;

  • Ensure that the multimeter and multimeter test leads being used are applicable for the voltage level and category are appropriate for the electrical environment they will be used in.

  • Inspect the leads thoroughly to make sure they are safe to use. This includes ensuring that the leads are free of any cracks and that the connectors are clean

Pourquoi choisir RS Components ?

RS PRO is our own brand of high-quality products whilst bringing you great value for money. Our wide range of products have been engineered to meet high industry standards, so you are ensured reliable and robust solutions.


Le cas échéant, le composant du kit est marqué avec ses valeurs nominales CEI 1010 (BS EN61010) pertinentes

RS Pro

Caractéristiques techniques
Attribut Valeur
Type de fils Kit de cordon de test automobile
Type de connecteur Pince crocodile
Longueur de fils 1.2 (Silicone Test Lead) m, 25 (Thin Back Probe) mm, 44 (Extended Back Probe) mm, 155 (Extra Sharp Long Reach Probe) mm
Courant 10A
Température de fonctionnement minimum -20°C
Température d'utilisation maximum +70°C
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